Logo - protect Kids Stamp
Logo - protect Kids Stamp


For an existing stamp concept developed by COLOP Arts & Crafts we are looking for strong distribution partners who want to introduce the product to the market.

The Protect Kids Stamp is not a mass product but custom-made for a niche in which it is unique. We offer a product that is outstanding on the market for an attractive and versatile target group and a cooperative partnership to turn our idea into a commercial success.


Therefore, we are looking for strong sales partners who are willing to promote our concept in partnership with us.

Whether for wholesale, supermarkets or online shop:
With our stamp in the right places, we make hygiene education not only easier for parents and educators, but also make the world a bit safer for our little ones.

Our Protect stamp is produced at our headquarters COLOP Austria, is therefore a proper European product and stands for highest quality. Short sustainable ways, high quality materials and modern production processes worldwide stand for top quality.

Helps Childre keep their hands clean.

Covid-19 has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic. Unfortunately an end is not yet in sight. More and more people are forced to work from home. Children have to stay at home, supervised by their family.

As many adults – and children too – are afraid of becoming infected by Covid-19, it is obviously extremely important to talk with them about proper prevention. Regular and correct handwashing is crucial. Many infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands.

How it works

In the morning right after getting up it’s time to punch the stamp.

The Corona monster motif is stamped on the back and palm of each hand, let dry for about 10 seconds and then wash your hands several times a day with soap and water. The virus monster must have disappeared before going to sleep.

kids protect stamp - how it works kids protect stamp - how it works

All this can be so simple! Be a little hero and protect yourself and your friends from many infectious diseases. Washing your hands is essential and you can now learn this in an easy and playful way. Because according to the World Health Organization (WHO), water and soap are effective weapons against the spread of viruses.